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water-cooled chiller

water-cooled chiller

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  suzhou
  • Brand Name:  anshijia
  • Model Number:  SJ-20WD

Details description
Product Name: water cooled chiller
Use an Shijia industrial chiller:
Plastic industry mold cooling electroplating electroplating bath cooling
Ultrasonic cleaning liquid cooling industry all kinds of cooling
Metal processing, welding, cooling, food industry, cooling
Characteristics of water cooled chiller:
High quality compressor
As a cold water machine of the heart, an Shijia choice of Europe and the United States, new original compressor, built-in security protection, low noise, energy saving and durable.
High efficiency evaporator
1. The coil in the water tank type: stainless steel thick medium water tank type evaporator, using imported high purity copper tube manufacturing, automatic water supply device for built-in, save engineering installation of Peng expansion tank, convenient installation and maintenance, and applicable to large temperature difference small flow, and other special occasions.
2 shell tube type: high efficiency purple copper tube inside the screw evaporator (Note: if the use of closed water tank, recommended the use of shell and tube evaporator)
Water cooled condenser
Outside the copper pipe production, the heat quantity is big, the volume is small. The use of the latest CAD/CAM design and production, with CNC processing center production, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving.
Unit configuration
Configuration precision electronic temperature controller, precise control of temperature in 5-45 degrees or less, the built-in compressor over load protector, circulating water pump overload system, low system pressure abnormity protector for and efficient import filter drier and heave account valve, repair valve interface device to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine, which is convenient for the maintenance and repair
Optional water pump device
According to user requirements of the engineering design is equipped with imported high efficiency water pump, the installation fast and convenient to use an Shijia cold water machine.
Multifunctional operation panel
On the operation panel is provided with a current meter and control system of insurance, compressor and a water pump switch button, electronic temperature controller, the safety protection and fault lights, showing cold water outlet and a cold water inlet and setting temperature matching, units start operation indicator light, easy to use.
An Shijia chiller combination of single, double and multi machine, high energy efficiency, the internal layout is reasonable, effectively reduces the energy consumption, all refrigerant piping system all copper pipe, and the and the seamless welding, after the industrial design, beautiful shape, optimize the relationship between human and the machine.
Easy installation
1) operation balance safety, small vibration, simple installation;
2) the unit is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, easy to carry;
3) control interface directly to display the contents of the fault, to facilitate the timely understanding of the fault and eliminate
4) before leaving the factory to complete various performance tests, and to complete the terminal customers only need to connect into, outlet pipe and the power can be run, reduce installation time and cost.
Special design
1) the unit can be designed according to the conditions of the room, and it is convenient to save space.
2) a variety of refrigerant options, the unit can provide R22, R407C, R134a, R410 and other refrigerant media.
3) according to the user side of the control requirements of the power supply 50HZ~60HZ, can also be customized according to user requirements and various types of cold water chiller, salt water and other high voltage non-standard units.
Reliable operation
1) units with a variety of security measures to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
2) all units before the factory through the safety testing system 100% test, to ensure that the unit performance in line with the standard

  • Place of Origin:  suzhou
  • Brand Name:  anshijia
  • Model Number:  SJ-20WD
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