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water-cooled chiller

water-cooled chiller

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  suzhou
  • Brand Name:  anshijia
  • Model Number:  SJ-30WS

An Shijia industrial chiller system operation is through three interconnected system: refrigerant circulation system, water cycle system, electrical automatic control system.
Liquid refrigerant in the evaporator refrigerant circulation system absorbs the heat in the water and began to evaporate, and ultimately refrigerant between the water and the formation of a certain temperature difference, the liquid refrigerant to complete evaporation of gaseous, after being sucked into the compressor and compression (increase in pressure and temperature, gas state refrigerant through the condenser (air / water) heat absorption and condenses into liquid. Through the expansion valve (or capillary) after the throttle into a low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant into the evaporator, complete the refrigerant cycle process.
Water circulating system water pump is responsible for pumping water from the tank to the user needs to cool the equipment, frozen water will heat away after the temperature rise, and then return to the freezer.
The electrical control system includes the power supply part and the automatic control part. The power supply part is through the contactor, to the compressor, the fan, the water pump and so on.
Automatic control part comprises a thermostat, pressure protection, a delay timer, relay, overload protection mutual combination to root Zelkowa acuminata water temperature automatic start and stop, the protection function.
Features of water cooled industrial cold water machine:
1, stable performance, the use of multiple compressors are connected in parallel, each compressor comes with a separate cooling circuit, the evaporator and condenser are completely independent; all compressor by unified microcomputer control system command, one by one, shutdown, between each other will never interfere with each other, and the brand of all the original authentic making, machine failure rate is extremely low, based on the above reasons can ensure the machine has a highly stable performance, in the long-term continuous operation under the first choice without need to purchase other backup machine.
2 and energy saving: the a number of small and medium power compressors use, open, shutdown of power interference is minimal, with the change of load, the unit will automatically determine the boot of the number, to ensure that the opening of the compressor in the best working condition, thereby effectively saving electric energy.
3, the use of long life: an evaporator, a condenser design is very reasonable, and placed at the top of the compressor, in the whole process of the operation, most of the lubricating oil always stay in the compressor, compressor to ensure good lubrication. Water-cooled chiller applicable scope: plastic products, hardware, chemical, electronics, food preservation, laser engraving, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning; high power cold water machine widely used in hotels, office buildings for central air conditioning, plastic cooling, food preservation, bath temperature rise, medical storage industries. This product uses the touch type waterproof and dustproof control panel, refrigeration temperature 3 to 30 DEG C can. Contactor is a Japanese Fuji, LG series, the control system adopts modular design, and equipped with system acid-base current overload protection protection of high and low voltage protection and time delay protection, such as a number of protective devices, such as fault alarm and fault display.
Characteristics of air cooled industrial cold water machine:
This product adopts the new imported compressor, a series of products that Daikin Matsushita, energy efficiency is higher.
The condenser adopts the vertical shell and tube type design, the evaporator tube with high efficiency inner thread copper tube, can effectively improve the thermal effect, and the cleaning is convenient.
Italy, Taiwan pump selection of large flow and high lift pump, the use of safe and quiet, and energy saving.
The body shell with electrostatic powder coating paint, beautiful and generous.
Equipped with stainless steel water tank, easy to clean and fast. The water tank contains a floating ball automatic water supply device, can be used to measure and control the water level, so as to effectively save time for customers and improve work efficiency.
Industrial cold water machine generally 10P above the use of water cooling, 10P following the use of air-cooled heat. Air-cooled industrial chiller is generally a whole machine, and the evaporator, compressor and condenser are done together. For the air-cooled industrial cold water machine with a little power, it is required to consider the heat dissipation problem of the condenser cooling fan. In the air conditioning plant application, the overall machine needs to set the exhaust duct to the heat of the cooling fan out of the outdoor.
Air cooling type industrial cold water machine can also be done in the composition, the condenser directly into the outdoor (outdoor unit), the evaporator and the compressor on the indoor (indoor unit). However, considering the cooling medium in the process of heat transfer between the condenser and the evaporator and other issues, indoor and outdoor machines, the best distance between the control within 6 meters, in addition, the transmission of cold medium of copper pipes need to do heat treatment. Power cable and control cable and copper wiring fan can be together, so air-conditioning plant just pipe openings can wear. For the application of small flow and small heat capacity air cooled chiller industrial applications, generally use the overall direct use, at this time can not take into account the heat. For air cooled chiller and large flow and big heat, can be split. Air-cooled chiller the condenser cooling effect by the external environment, season, climate change slightly, and water-cooled chiller, the tower cooling effect is stable, its determination is required to set the water tower, poor mobility.
After-sale service
1, after the acceptance of equipment, the buyer's use of the Department should be designated by the Secretary for process and equipment operation training, the time should not be less than 12
2, three months after the use of our customer service department will be a return on the use of equipment, and submit a report;
3, our sold the equipment, the free warranty for a year, warranty, spare parts and maintenance are provided free of charge; but all equipment non normal damage do not belong to the scope of warranty, the buyer shall pay the cost of spare parts replacement.

  • Place of Origin:  suzhou
  • Brand Name:  anshijia
  • Model Number:  SJ-30WS
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