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Water cooled low temperature refrigerating unit

Water cooled low temperature refrigerating unit

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  suzhou
  • Brand Name:  anshijia
  • Model Number:  SJN-36WT

The characteristics of an Shijia chiller:
The host of the international well-known brand in the U. S. Copeland, Japan's SANYO, Taiwan Hanbell, Pitzer full closed compressor, built-in security protection, low noise, stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection and safety..
- equipped with digital temperature controller, precision type operation is convenient, simple and intuitive, no professionals can be used normally. Can accurately control the water temperature of 1 degrees Celsius, set the temperature range of 5 degrees C -45 C, can be directly analyzed the operating conditions of the unit. (can be configured according to user requirements control system)
The electrical parts are the international well-known brand products (Swiss ABB, French Schneider) to ensure that the machine is stable, long service life, safe and reliable.
- stainless steel tube or stainless steel plate evaporator evaporator tank, prevent water to produce a solid and other metal impurities in the conveying process.
The famous brand of low noise outer rotor fan and axial flow fan, low noise, large air volume, environmental protection and energy saving and durable.
The pump adopts (Taiwan, south source pump, Ge Lanfu of Denmark) such as stainless steel and high lift pump, large starting torque, stable performance, clean water (water pump head, according to customer requirements to match). The water pump is provided with a direct current driving circuit, that is, the main shaft of the numerical control machine tool is not working, the water pump stops running, and the main shaft can not be condensed water when the main shaft is stopped.
The air cooling unit adopts the high efficient anti-corrosion radiator, which consists of a screw thread copper tube aluminum foil heat high-efficiency anti-corrosion plus efficient heat transfer, manufacturing by two flange fin mechanical expansion pipe heat exchanger technology and advanced production line, and ensure high efficiency energy saving and environmental protection.
The unit is equipped with multiple protection devices, all fault alarm and shutdown unit immediately, make operation more safe and reliable, long life.
The variety, product specifications complete, suitable for different PCB CNC machine, electroplating, electronic temperature control, rubber tire, injection molding machines and other equipment supporting the use of.
The installation is simple, no matter whether the height of the main engine cooling water machine and matching, can be normal use of the boot.
The static plastic shell, European design, beautiful appearance, the appearance of plate with fast disassembly, convenient use and maintenance

  • Place of Origin:  suzhou
  • Brand Name:  anshijia
  • Model Number:  SJN-36WT
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